How to Keep Your Car Battery Working for Longer

Car batteries can be expensive, and replacing them isn’t a fun chore. Here are some simple tips and tricks to keep your car battery working for longer.

Perform regular battery maintenance. Once a month check the battery terminals for corrosion buildup. This buildup blocks the current from easily passing from the battery to the cables, and can become bad enough that the car doesn’t start at all. Use a screwdriver or pliers to clear away buildup, and wipe down dirt and debris found on the battery casing.

Car Battery

It’s important to perform regular maintenance on and take care of your car battery to keep it working for longer.

Avoid short trips in the winter. People who live in particularly harsh winter climates should be especially vigilant about driving their cars regularly, and not just for super-short drives. Instead of driving to the grocery store around the corner and home again, combine several errands into one trip as often as possible. Short trips don’t allow your car’s battery to fully recharge the energy it lost when you started the car.

Install an insulation blanket. This is something worth considering if you live in areas that see extreme heat or cold. An insulation blanket helps keep a car battery warm in the winter and cool in the summer, helping to extend its useable life.

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SuperLift Your GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado to New Heights

2015 Chevy Colorado

Wouldn’t this 2015 Chevy Colorado look nice if it were lifted?

The midsize Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon made a statement when they arrived in dealerships this year. Refined, capable, and modern, the pickups offered something others don’t – a small footprint and better fuel economy. Now, owners have a new option for lifting their 2015 Canyon or Colorado thanks to the experts at SuperLift.

SuperLift has released its new Level-It 2-Inch system, which will be available to lift the 2WD and 4WD 2015 Canyon and Colorado. According to GM Authority, the Level-It system uses laser-cut upper strut spacers and a lower pre-strut ring to increase the pickup’s stability and prevent a body roll. The kit is easy to install thanks to the fact that all necessary hardware is included, along with its 100 percent bolt-on procedure. Just be aware, you’ll need a coil spring compressor to properly install it.

The kit both makes the truck more stable, and gives it a more aggressive look and taller stance. If you decide to sell your truck, it’s easy to remove the kit.

Other kits are also available, so do your research to find the right fit for your needs. Here at DeLillo Chevrolet, we like the bold look of the lifted Colorado and Canyon. What other modifications have you made to your Colorado or Canyon? Tell us in the comments!