Interesting Facts About The Interstate System

Interstate road - Huntington Beach, CA

You’ll look at the open road in a new light once you learn these interesting facts about the interstate system

When you’re stuck on the interstate, idling for hours in a traffic jam, do you ever look around and ponder just how amazing the interstate really is? That’s probably not the best time to appreciate what is truly a marvel of engineering. But it’s true. It’s amazing! We’ve put together a number of interesting facts about the interstate system….

  • The longest interstate is I-90 at 3,020 miles. It connects Seattle with Boston.
  • The shortest interstate is I-97 at 17 miles. It exists solely in Maryland.
  • The most dangerous stretch of interstate is on I-10 in Arizona. A 150-mile stretch sees 85 deaths every year.
  • The numbering of north-South interstates begins on the West coast to avoid confusion with US numbered highways, which begin in the East. There is no I-50 because it would have been in the vicinity as US-50.
  • The first interstate was constructed in Missouri and would later be designated part of I-70.
  • States determine the traffic laws on interstate. That’s why the speed limit can change state to state.

As of 2013, the entire interstate system added up to 47,856 miles. That means that if you maintained a steady speed limit of 65 mph and never stopped, you could drive the entire system in 30 days.

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Chevrolet Listed Twice On Ward’s Auto Best Engines List

If there’s one thing that Chevrolet knows, it’s engines. After all, it was Chevy that originally created the Chevy V8 small block. There have been 100,000,000 Chevy small block engines produced since the engine was designed in 1995.

These days, Chevrolet is still cranking out highly capable and highly innovative engines and not without notice. Two Chevy engines recently made their way on the prestigious Ward’s Auto Best Engines list.

For one engine that made the list, the recognition proves that Chevrolet is still on top of their performance/sports car game. The 3.6-liter V6 featured in the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro gives you more bang for your buck, according to what they found over at Ward’s Auto. The director of content at Ward’s Auto says, “The 3.6 delivers the kind of power and lusty exhaust note you associate with a V-8 for the price of a V-6.”

2016 Chevy Camaro

The 2016 Chevy Camaro was named to the Ward’s Auto Best Engines List.

For the other engine that made the list, it proves that Chevrolet is fully embracing the evolving landscape of the automotive market. The Voltec propulsion system featured in the 2016 Chevrolet Volt represents the second-generation of the technology. Ward’s Auto: “General Motors has taken what already is the most innovative and disruptive propulsion system in the auto industry and made it lighter, stronger and a lot more fun to drive.”