Interesting Facts About The Interstate System

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You’ll look at the open road in a new light once you learn these interesting facts about the interstate system

When you’re stuck on the interstate, idling for hours in a traffic jam, do you ever look around and ponder just how amazing the interstate really is? That’s probably not the best time to appreciate what is truly a marvel of engineering. But it’s true. It’s amazing! We’ve put together a number of interesting facts about the interstate system….

  • The longest interstate is I-90 at 3,020 miles. It connects Seattle with Boston.
  • The shortest interstate is I-97 at 17 miles. It exists solely in Maryland.
  • The most dangerous stretch of interstate is on I-10 in Arizona. A 150-mile stretch sees 85 deaths every year.
  • The numbering of north-South interstates begins on the West coast to avoid confusion with US numbered highways, which begin in the East. There is no I-50 because it would have been in the vicinity as US-50.
  • The first interstate was constructed in Missouri and would later be designated part of I-70.
  • States determine the traffic laws on interstate. That’s why the speed limit can change state to state.

As of 2013, the entire interstate system added up to 47,856 miles. That means that if you maintained a steady speed limit of 65 mph and never stopped, you could drive the entire system in 30 days.

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