Valentine’s Day Activities for the Whole Family

Happy Valentine's Day Huntington Beach CA

These activities help you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a family-friendly way.

Valentine’s Day is about a lot of things. Some people think it’s just a Hallmark holiday invented to sell things. Some people think it’s about celebrating romantic love with flowers, chocolate, and dates at nice restaurants. For some families, however, it’s just not a viable option to pass the kids onto a babysitter and go out for the evening — or, you may want to share the gift of love with your kids as well. But in a world drenched in romance, what are some Valentine’s Day activities that are fun for everyone, kids included?

 Parents can take the opportunity to use Valentine’s Day as a way to teach children about love. Love in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean romantic love — friends and family are just as vital to our lives. Taking the time to make gifts and compliment each other can really help kids understand the value of interpersonal relationships. For example, you might have the family write letters of appreciation or thanking each other for specific good deeds. You could even make each other candies or other sweets instead of just buying Valentine’s candy from the store.

 If you don’t just want it to be a family event, you can have a Valentine’s party for your kids as well and let them invite friends over. At these parties, parents can have the kids make Valentines for each other and provide red, pink, and white snacks (or have the kids help make them!).

 Valentine’s Day activities don’t just have to be about you and your significant other. They can include the whole family! Scouring through the web turns up a bunch of ideas for Valentine’s Day inspired games, crafts, and activities, and I’m sure you can even come up with a few of your own if you’re feeling creative.

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