How to Change the Cabin Air Filter in Your Car

How to Change the Cabin Air Filter in Your Car


Knowing how to change the cabin air filter in your car is important, because it can keep your car’s heat and AC working better. The cabin air filter is easy to change, so doing it yourself can save you money on scheduled maintenance. Follow these steps and you’ll have a fresh air filter installed in no time.

1. Remove the glove box

First, you need to remove your glove box so you can get to the air filter. To do this open the glove box and remove the limiting stop arm that holds it in place, then squeeze the front and back of the glove box until the clamps release.

2. Take out the old air filter

There should be a faceplate covering your air filter. All you have to do is move the latches to take the faceplate off and pull the air filter out. Make sure to pay attention to the arrows that indicate the direction of the airflow.

3. Clean the area

Use a cloth to wipe away any dust and debris that have accumulated. You want the gaskets and filter chamber to be as clean as possible before you install the new air filter.

4. Install the new air filter

Make sure the arrows on your new air filter are facing the same direction as the old filter and pop it into place. It should fit in easily.

5. Replace the glove box

Reassemble the glove box, and you’re done! You’ve replaced your cabin air filter.

If you have any issues doing this yourself, or you need more service advice, schedule an appointment to talk to the Chevy experts at DeLillo Chevrolet.

Amazon Can Now Deliver Packages to Chevrolet Vehicles

Amazon Can Now Deliver Packages to Chevrolet Vehicles

General Motors has entered into a deal with Amazon that allows Amazon to deliver packages to Chevrolet vehicles. With the new Amazon Key technology, drivers of 2015-model year and newer Chevy, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles can give Amazon delivery people access to their trunks.

According to Chevy, In-Car Delivery is available to Amazon Prime customers at no extra cost, so if you have Prime and own a GM vehicle, you can take advantage of this convenient service easily and totally free. With In-Car Delivery you don’t have to wait until you get home to open important packages anymore.

Delivery is available with two-day, one-day, and even same-day shipping for especially urgent purchases, and packages can be delivered anywhere to cars parked in publicly accessible areas. And it’s easy to set up Amazon Key In-Car Delivery—all you have to do is download the Amazon Key App and agree to sync it with your OnStar Account.

After setup, all you have to do is shop online at Amazon and select “in-car” for the delivery option. You’ll get a notification on your phone when the package is out for delivery and after it’s delivered, and the delivery person will relock the vehicle so your package is secure.

If you need a newer Chevrolet to take part in this secure way to receive packages, come talk to the sales team at DeLillo Chevrolet for new and used car options.